I recently have being going through a phase of reading, I've always enjoyed reading but I would be lying if I said it is something I do often. Before this latest craze the last time I picked up my Kindle was January.

Through my recommendations on Amazon I was told about Stephanie Foxe. Having never heard of her before I took a chance with her Witch Bite series. I thought it was okay but to be fair to her, I am not really a big vampire(ish) fan.

Then I found out about the Misfit Series, a werewolf themed set of stories. My interest was peaked and curiosity got the better of me. Having been a fan of Bitten (Kelley Armstrong) and Moon Called (Patricia Briggs) I just had to give this a try.

First up was Misfit Pack which follows the story of three unwilling werewolf bite victims that become their own pack. They eventually join up with a witch who is an outcast. The story follows this group as Amber, the pack alpha, prepares to go through the Alpha Trails so she can be officially recognised as an Alpha by the rest of her kin.

Next in the series is Misfit Angel, which follows the pack as they battle to save a young girl who just so happens to have a secret of her own that makes her really dangerous to certain people.

The latest in the series is Misfit Fortune, which sort of follows on from the 2nd novel. The pack has unwittingly picked a side in a centuries long secret war that most have forgotten. They have rivals coming in from every angle.

Overall, I had fun reading this series so far, as it stands, the series doesn't feel finished so I reckon there is more in the works.