Impulse purchases can come back and bit you in the rear end but thankfully Google Stadia's Premier Edition is one of those things that I do not regret buying. Over the last month, I have been having a blast playing Red Dead 2, Tomb Raider, Farming Simulator 19 and Football Manager 2020 on my Chromecast and my recently purchased Asus Chromebook.

I wasn't entirely sure if this would be a good fit for me as I have tried PlayStation Now before you could download the games to the PS4's hard drive and I had a horrible experience with jitter and graphic deterioration but so far Stadia has worked wonders for me and I have had little to no issues on the Chromecast but I did get a unplayable service on a Microsoft Surface Book. The funny thing is my Chromebook has had hardly any issues. The idea that a £400 Chromebook can play Stadia games better than a £2000 2-1 laptop makes me speechless.

My Network

I'm quite lucky that I live near an exchange and that my cabinet is quite close to my house so my FTTC connection is around 70down & 18up. I do have enterprise kit for my internal network (Ubquiti Networks) and so far haven't had any network issues. I haven't had to tweak my firewall or enable the dreaded UPnP.


The first game I tried was Tomb Raider that I got on a Stadia Pro deal for £10 and it was the same Tomb Raider I know and love. Tomb Raider is one of the few games that I have played on PS3, PS4, Xbox One and PC and I couldn't really notice the difference. I imagine if I had them placed together in the same room I may be able to but I am one of those people that don't really care about graphic quality on such a minimal scale. I should mention that I do not have a 4K TV so I was playing the game in 1080p.

Next up was the tutorial level of Destiny 2 that I got free with my Stadia Pro subscription and it was pretty smooth. Can't comparing it anything as this was my first time playing the game. It wasn't for me though as I'm not fond of multiplayer games.

I am currently playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and just the fact it is playing in 60 frames per second instead of the PS4's 30 is enough for me to prefer it. I will always sacrifice graphics for frame rate. It's the same great game that I know and love with a few of the PC exclusives items thrown in as well.

Chromecast Ultra

As well as the gamepad, the kit also came with a Chromecast Ultra which I used to replace my base version. The power adaptor included an Ethernet port so I was able to hardwire the chromecast into my switch.

I've been using the chromecast for years before Stadia was a thing and has been my primary method of watching digital content on my TV for quite some time so you are able to get more use out of it that just playing games.


I have had a great time with Stadia but would be uneasy to recommend to anyone at the moment as it does come down to their internal network and internet connection to get a good experience but if you a decent connection I'd say wait until next year and try out the base edition that will be launching.