Sony were nice enough to give me Detroit: Become Human via PlayStation Plus. I heard about the game but never did get around to playing it. I am a fan Quantum Dream's previous work in Heavy Rain so was happy enough to give this a shot.

For those not in the know, the story revolves around three android characters called Kara, Connor and Markus each having their own story progression which collide near the end of the story. Kara is a housekeeper android (maid?) who takes care of a young girl called Alice, Connor is an investigator android designed by CyberLife (the creators of all androids) to investigate the rise of cases involving deviant androids which are androids that break-away from their programming. Markus is a caretaker android that looks after a famous painter. The story follows the three characters as they attempt to survive in a world where humans hate them.

Like other Quantum Dreams, there are a lot of branching storyline choices but I was generally a "good" guy/gal with all three of the characters and received a rather happy ending.

Gameplay is pretty simple and most involves moving, interacting with the environment and QT events. Although there is a lot of replayability, I only played the once. You can replay chapters and make different choices and attempt to unlock all flowchart entries.

For PlayStation Plus subscribers this is playable free of charge and you can keep it for as long as your PS+ subscription lasts. Otherwise, you can get it in all the usual places.