After reading a lot of supernatural fantasy I thought a change of genre couldn't hurt. Aftershocks was in my recommendations list and I remember the author from a book I read a while back from his Frontlines series (a series I never finished).

The book was offered to me free of charge but memory has failed me as to a reason why. It may have been Amazon's First Read or a limited offer that I happened to find at the time.

The book starts of roughly five years after the end of a war and follows four characters on their own separate story. All the characters don't seem to have much plot to them just yet. This first book the series seems to be more of an introduction to the different worlds, politics and relationships between the different races and only a glimmer of an overall plot. I couldn't say I would have minded as much if there was a second book in the series close to being released but the next in the series isn't due to be published until July 2020.

Overall, it was a decent read with a disappointing ending that just seems to happen out of nowhere. It is likely I will forget most of the details next year when Ballistic (second book of the series) is released.